Stud 100 Overview Of The Sexual Enhancement Spray For Men


Stud 100 is advertised to be a delay spray which could address over-rapid ejaculation in men. Stated in its website as the most successful delay spray for men, this sexual enhancer is said to work around {5} to quarter-hour after application to achieve a far more prolonged period of sex. Based on its official website, the delay spray has been in the market for a lot more than 30 years, and many clinical trials have been built to prove of the product’s effectiveness.

Stud 100 contains the active component Lidocaine, which has been useful for giving rest from burning, itching, and skin inflammations, but is more popular as a local anesthetic. When used as a topical agent on the penis, this ingredient lessens the feeling of the organ, which results in less arousal and so, premature ejaculation cure during intercourse. Although this mode of preventing premature ejaculation has been effective and safe, the fact that it reduces pleasure during intercourse may not be something men would like to have in exchange for better heightened sexual performance.

The maker of Stud 100 employs a medical rationale of premature ejaculation cure where the problem of performance anxiety arises, which consequently brings having less self-confidence in men. The response from sexual stimulation is normally slower in women, which prolonging male ejaculation is beneficial to both parties.

The desensitizing spray is said to have been undergone several clinical trials to prove of the product’s efficacy. It has proved to be effective in a controlled clinical test on its capability to reduce penile sensitivity upon application, in addition to premature ejaculation cure period. The delay spray has additionally shown to be safe based on clinical trials covering the product’s absorption, sensitization capacity, and irritation.

Stud 100 is priced at almost $8 per bottle. The standard usage of the sexual enhancement product is 3 sprays, but may be sprayed 8 times, depending on the user. Each bottle is believed to last for around 120 sprays. Even though the maker claims of no negative effects from the delay spray, it is not recommended for men with inflamed or broken skin, and when his partner is allergic to Lidocaine.

Desensitizing sprays have been around on the market to offer a safe solution for premature ejaculation, but simply because they lessen sexual joy in men, these sexual enhancement products and services may not be the simplest way out of being a minute-man. Nonetheless, consult doctor first about male sexual enhancers such as Stud 100 as a precaution.

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