We are going to talk of keeping a clean beard. There has been an argument concerning the hygiene of our lovely beards. Because of fresh reports manufactured by 7 news there are claims that the bacteria held in our beards are „as dirty as toilets!“

This improper and quite honestly frightening report has resulted in todays article all about maintaining a clean beard!

To be truthful there isn't anything complex to learn but when we grow a beard we don't think about keeping it healthy. We don't consider the quantity of bacteria it can retain when we eat, when we touch, when we kiss. Our face hair is constantly snowed under with dirt and mud. We have to start treating our facial hair as we’d every other part of our bodies and give it attention to keep it a clean beard.

Lets begin with our hands. You can not have a beard without putting your fingers through it, twirling it, grooming it and due to life we are exposed to bacteria through touch which is then moved to our hair. This is one of the biggest factors effecting a clean beard. So a simple solution is try keep you hands clean – you don’t have to be to obsessive but its an excellent start.

Shampoo as you would with your head hair because it is essential in keeping a clean beard. Wet your face first and delicately massage the shampoo into your beard with circular motions. This will clean the area and the massaging motions will also stimulate your follicles to grow the beard quicker and thicker

Rinse off with clean water and repeat the same with your conditioner to make your beard soft, glossy and irresistible. When drying off your beard, softly rub it down with a clean towel. Dont be to aggressive on your beard because it could cause redness on the skin so be delicate on your face hair fellows.

Eventually you need to maintain the conditioned beauty by using beard oil. This will lock in the moisture and stop the beard from getting dry providing the perfect environment for a fast growing, shiny beard. The beard oil is not only good for you hair but also for the skin. Your skin is trapped under the mound of hair so the beard oil will also give back essential moisture forestalling itchy, rash ridden skin.

That concludes our article on keeping your tuft clean hope you found it helpful.

Rawbeards is a website dedicated to giving you the tools and products needed to maintain an ideal beard. Hope that you found this text handy – If your looking for more advice then please feel free to visit our blog for more tips pertaining to your face hair.

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